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Nouveautés 2018

All Things to All Men
Girl's Best Friend
Black Magic Mama
Elite Stock
Kindred Jewel
Looking Good
Mama Knows Best
Money Maker
Pink Extraordinaire
Pirate Queen
Rest and Relax
Surfing the Web
Ultimate Blush
Dark Witch
Verge of Glory
Voodoo Child


Nouveautés 2017

Aleta Everett Adams
Chief Justice
Bee's Betty Sue
Carolina Cool Down
Cyber Dragon
Dentelle de Lune
Dark Empire
Dieu du Ciel
Elsie Stelter
Eminen Domain
Everybody Loves Earnest
Fairy Tail Pink
Blazing Cannons
Ida Mae Norris
Fins to the Left
Journey of Angels
Little Miss Lucy
Gnashing of Theeth
Marco Isabel
Michael's Sword
Naomé Roy-Matton
New Paradigm
Noble Idalgo
Oklahoma Sand Burr
Out of My Way
Rise Above
Pattern Applenty
Shark's Attack
Switched at Bird
Tall Girl
Unexpected Etra
Vampire Academy
Velvet Handcuffs
Voluptuous Blonde