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Nouveautés 2017
Class Action
Black Fury
Broadway Last Mohican
Cloud Forest
Dark Desire
Deadliest Catch
Dragonfly Charmer
Dream Runner
Fang To You
Fascinating Flight
Green Empress
Heart of Obsidian
Bonnie Holley
Kendra Marie
I See Spots
Living in Paradise
Mood Swing
Jade Parade
Opa Klaus
Orchid Linen
Painted Petroglyph
Pink Viper
Rock Lobster
Sailboats and Sunsets
She's Got Legs
Smiling Cobra
Silent Harmony
Snow Prince
Spacecoast Ivory Icon
Spacecoast White Frosting
Sugar High
Sunglasses Needed
Swallows in Flight
Sweet Cotton Candy
Wee Willy Wonka
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Nouveautés Québécoises
Christian Labbé


Cybelle des Anges
Déesse de Neuville
Éclat d'Améthyste
Envoûtante Délinquante
Helena Des Anges
Jolie Portageoise
Raymond Tanguay
Township's Crème Anglaise
Township's Peau de Soie
Duchesse de Neuville